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Inspire Dog Leash

Inspire Dog Leash

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Discover the time-tested dependability of The Coastal Pet Products Inspire Leash – a leash that embodies both tradition and reliability! Crafted with plush neoprene material, this leash offers a luxuriously soft grip, enhancing the comfort of handling during your walks.

Engineered with exceptional durability, it stands resilient against vigorous tugging, allowing for effortless control and management of your canine companion. The innovative hardware incorporated into its design simplifies the process of snapping it securely onto collars, ensuring a steadfast connection. Unveil your personal style by selecting from a range of timeless color options. Elevate your pet's ensemble further by pairing it with a coordinating Inspire Collar and Harness, creating a harmonious and fashionable ensemble that exemplifies both function and style.

Upgrade your leash game with the Inspire Leash – where classic design meets unmatched reliability.

  • Extra plush neoprene added to key touchpoints means extra comfort for everyone
  • Bold jewel tones were inspired by the runway
  • Separate ID loop means less clanking with your leash
  • Handle on the harness gives you extra control in any situation
  • Covered by Coastal Pet Product's Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Comfortable grip with soft neoprene material
  • Durable material that withstands wear and tear
  • Bold, colorful options to complement your dog's style
  • Easy snap with innovative hardware
  • Designed to match Inspire harnesses and collars for a complete look
  • Small/Medium - 5/8" X 6'
  • Medium/Large - 1" X 6'

Colors:  Aqua, Green, Gray, Pink, Purple, Red

Inspire Dog Leash Inspire Dog Leash Inspire Dog Leash
Inspire Dog Leash Inspire Dog Leash Inspire Dog Leash
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