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API® Fish Care

Marine Saltwater Master Test Kit

Marine Saltwater Master Test Kit

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The API Saltwater Master Test Kit for marine aquariums contains everything you need to measure the most important levels in your water with scientific accuracy. Professional-grade droplet tests are fast, easy to use, and the most reliable way to measure your waters chemistry.

  • Measures the most important aquarium levels
  • Tests high range pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels quickly
  • Scientifically accurate for professional results
  • Saltwater Aquarium Master Test Kit Made in the USA
  • 550+ Tests in Each Saltwater Master Test Kit

Testing your tank water regularly is crucial for protecting your valuable fish from toxicity and other dangerous water conditions (especially ammonia and nitrite). This kit includes step-by-step instructions on how to perform each test, how to interpret the results, and how to correct unsafe water conditions.

Kit Includes:

  • Instructions (in English, Spanish and French)
  • 4 glass test tubes
  • Color charts
  • Test Bottles for: 

-High range pH (7.4-8.8)
-Ammonia (NH3/NH4+)
-Nitrite (NO2-)
-Nitrate (NO3-)


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